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From Russia With Love,Acorde Guitarra, Letra Tabladura, Cancionero Tuna


From Russia With Love


TunaEspaña-Tunas-de-España-Tunas-Universitarias-Cancionero-tuna-Pedro-Cano1399ronda-la-tuna, certamen ttuna, Musica Tuna

Interpretan: TunaEspaña, Matt Monro

TunaEspaña (Don Dudo) www.TunaEspaña.es  




Tono: D#
Cm               D        G 
Russia with love I fly to you 
Cm                      Fm     G  
Much wiser since my goodbye to you 
C                           Fm 
I've travelled the world to learn 
         Cm        G           Cm 
I must return from Russia with love. 
          Fm     Bb     Eb               Cm  
I've been places, faces and smiled for a moment 
    Fm    Bb             Eb     Cm 
But oh,   you haunted me so 
          Fm          Bb  
Still my  tongue tied, young pride 
      Eb         Cm           D    Dm              G  
Would not let my love for you show in case you say no. 
   Cm            D             G  
To Russia I flew but there and then 
Cm                     Fm     G  
I suddenly knew you're care again 
C                    Fm 
My running around is through 
         Cm       G           Cm 
I fly to you from Russia with love.


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