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Autor: Rafael Hernandez

Interpretan: Trio Los Panchos (Jhonny Albino), Trio Avileño, Danny Rivera, Javier Solis, Virginia Lopez, Javier Solis, Buena Vista Social Club

Tuna España (Don Dudo)     www.TunaEspana.com    www.TunaEspaña.es

Ritmo: Bolero

Puerto Rico


Rafael Hernández (October 24, 1892 December 11, 1965), is considered by many to be the greatest composer of Puerto Rican music. Hernández (birth name: Rafael Hernández Marín) was born in the town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, into a poor family. As a child, he learned the craft of cigar making, from which he made a modest living. He also grew to love music and asked his parents to permit him to become a full-time music student. When he was 12 years old, Hernández studied music in San Juan, under the guidance of music professors Jose Ruellan Lequenica and Jesús Figueroa. He learned to play many musical instruments, among them the clarinet, tuba, violin, piano and guitar. However, according to many Puerto Rican music historians, it was when he learned how to write music that his life and the history of Puerto Rican music would change forever. [1] At the age of 14, he played for the Cocolia Orquestra. Hernández moved to San Juan where he played for the municipal orchestra under the director Manuel Tizol. n 1917, Rafael Hernández was working as a musician in North Carolina, when the U.S. entered World War I. The Jazz bandleader James Reese Europe recruited brothers Rafael and Jesús Hernández, and 16 more Puerto Ricans to join the United States Army’s Harlem Hell fighters musical band, the Orchestra Europe. He enlisted and was assigned to the U.S. 369th Infantry Regiment (formerly known as the 15th Infantry Regiment, New York National Guard, created in New York City June 2, 1913). The regiment, was nicknamed «The Harlem Hell Fighters» by the Germans, served in France. Hernandez toured Europe with the Orchestra Europe. The 369th was awarded French Croix de Guerre for battlefield gallantry by the President of France.

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Dm     A7       Dm
Duermen en mi jardín,
las blancas azucenas
A7           Dm
los nardos y las rosas.
D7          Gm
Mi alma tan triste y pesarosa
Dm               A7              Dm  33 32 30 43 42 40
que a las flores quiere ocultar su amargo dolor.

43 42 40      C             C7     F
Yo no quiero que las flores sepan
A7                  Dm
los tormentos que me da la vida.
43 42 40    C              C7      F
Si supieran lo que estoy sufriendo
A#7      Gm       A7
de pena morian también.

D                    Em
Silencio, que están durmiendo
A7               D
los nardos y las azucenas.
F#                  G
No quiero que sepan mis penas
D  B7           Em   A7     D
porque si me ven llorando, morirán.
Gm   D



Tono E

Em     B7         Em                 B7                      Em
Duermen  en mi jardín las blancas azucenas, los nardos y las rosas,

E7                        Am                            Em
mi alma, muy triste y pesarosa, a las flores quiere ocultar

    B7      Em
su amargo dolor.

      Am                    Em           B7                   Em
Yo no quiero que las flores sepan, los tormentos que me da la vida,

Am                         Em          Am       F#7     B7
si supieran lo que estoy sufriendo, de pena morirían también.

  E       Edim         B7                         E
Silencio, que están durmiendo los nardos y las azucenas,

G#7                     C#m   A              E      B7        E
no quiero que sepan mis penas,  porque si me ven llorando morirán.



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