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Everybody Loves Somebody (Acorde guitarra) (Letra Tabulado) Cancionero Tuna (Tablaturas)


Everybody Loves Somebody


Autor:   Ken Lane / Irving Taylor

Interpretan:   Dean Martin

Tuna España (Don Dudo)     www.TunaEspana.com    www.TunaEspaña.es

Ritmo: Bolero



F7M           Eb7/5+                     Gm7     D7     Gm7       Eb7M           C7
Everybody   loves  somebody  sometime ...    everybody falls in love somehow ...
F7M                        Abº          Gm7            C7                   F7M       C7/5+
Something in your kiss just told me ...  my sometime ... is now ..

F7M           Eb7/5+                     Gm7     D7     Gm7          Eb7M               C7
Everybody finds somebody some place ...     there’s no telling where love may appear ...

F7M                        Abº          Gm7            C7                   F7M          Cm7
Something in my heart keeps saying ...     my some place is here ...

F7             F7/13                Bb7M                F7/5+                       Bb7M
If I had in my power ...  I’d arrange ...  for every girl ...  to have your charm ...

Dm7          A7/5+       Dm7/9       G7  Gm7       C7/9                 Gm6          C7/13  C7/5+   C7
Then every minute ... every hour ... every boy would find what I found  in your arms ...

F7M           Eb7/5+                     Gm7   D7     Gm7          Eb7M               C7
Everybody love somebody sometime ...      and although my dreams  was over do ...

F7M                   Abº          Gm7  C7   C7/9   Gm6      F7M       Eb7/9  F6
Your love it well worth-waiting ...       for someone ... like you ...


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